Reebok Premier Control £70

Posted: 29 November 2002

Weight 424g
Evaluation This is a hefty, straight-lasted shoe, with a large, dense medial post and a big plastic midfoot shank. The Control will be going head-to-head with some big hitters - the Brooks Beast and Mizuno Wave Renegade to name just two. So it has its work cut out. It is a smoother alternative to Reebok's previous motion control shoe, the Supreme Control (which was probably the most stable shoe on the market, if rather brick-like). The Control is actually heavier than its predecessor, which is a shame, but has pillowier cushioning and a more flexible forefoot. It wasn't possible to give it a full test, but first impressions suggest that it could be worth a try if you need control but don't like the firm ride offered by some motion control shoes. Bizarrely, the midfoot fit was narrower than the other models in the new Reebok range (motion-control wearers often have big, wide feet), and when your foot is at rest in the shoes it seems to be more pronated than in the Stability model.
In short This is an improvement on Reebok's last motion control shoe, with plush cushioning, a flexible forefoot and a smooth ride. But the shoe may still struggle against long-term favourites.
Try it on if you liked Brooks Beast (£80); Mizuno Wave Renegade (£90); Reebok Supreme Control (£60)

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Reebok Premier Control

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