Salomon XA Series £75

Posted: 25 April 2003

We've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 304g
Evaluation The Salomon XA Series is a racing flat for the trail market. Instead of a heavy, element-protected upper, you get a lightweight, highly-breathable, sock-like affair. And there’s a narrow, racer fit as well. The outsole isn’t particularly grippy, so it’s more suited to dusty trails than mud. The single-density midsole has a low profile, but as the shoe is built on a curved last, is pretty flexible in the midfoot and the upper offers minimal support, the XA Series is only suited to biomechanically efficient runners.
In short Not an off-road shoe for every day training or runners needing support. But if you’re a light, efficient and fast runner, it might be suitable for short, summer trail races.
Try it on if you liked Salomon XA Pro; New Balance 870.

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Salomon XA Series

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Has anyone tried this shoe, it looks a good summer off road shoe but I don't usually associate Salomon with running!

I like the idea of the low profile midsole (better stabilty) but less cushioning what do people think is more important in an off road shoe?

Posted: 29/04/2003 at 14:07

Yes, I get on very well with my XAs. It obviously depends on where you run but I'm quite heavy and don,t have a problem with the cushioning.
For serious up and down stuff I have Walsh PBs, and also a pair of Adidas Davos so am no stranger to lack of cushioning.
Low profile is much more important if you want to fly down hill without twisting your ankle. I find the XAs to be a great compromise, low profile but still pretty good on cushioning.
To be honest I find most of the so called "trail shoes" that I,ve tried to be pretty poor at anything other than fairly flat forest trail type stuff, show them a decent hill and a bit of mud and it,s more like X-country skiing! They all tend to be far too inflexible. The Salomons are good though. They will feel rather tighter than road shoes, but all good off-roaders need to be otherwise your foot turns in the shoe on ruff ground, and particularly when contouring.
Hope this helps, as always though, just cos thet suit me .....
Posted: 05/05/2003 at 03:54


Thanks for the reply. At the moment I do all my off road stuff in my Adidas Swoops (Davos replacement I think!) and was looking for something that would be ok in the lighter summer mud and see me through the odd section of road, from what you have said the XAs would be worth investigating further.
Posted: 07/05/2003 at 08:56

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