Saucony 3D GRID Hurricane 5 £89.99

Posted: 9 October 2000

Weight 408g
Evaluation We’ve long been fans of the Hurricane, and the fifth version of the shoe doesn’t change that. There are only a few key changes from the previous model, and none detract from the smooth, stable feel of the Hurricane.
The medial post is smaller, and doesn’t extend as far into the midfoot as in the previous model. The cushioning has changed as well – Saucony has changed to 30º GRID in the rearfoot. This means that the GRID ‘strings’ showing through the midsole on the lateral side are angled at 30º to aid the foot through the gait cycle. Also, the shoes now have an Arch Lock – an upper material that extends over the outside of the midsole to better support the midfoot.
There is also shock-absorbing HRC (High Rebound Compound) in the forefoot – visible through holes in the new, deep flex groove – for extra cushioning.
The Hurricane has put on a little weight (15g), but this didn’t bother weartesters. They noted that the 30º GRID improved rearfoot cushioning, and that the upper was roomier, but more supportive. The stability was as well received as ever.
In short The tweaks have simply enhanced an already excellent shoe. It is smooth, stable and has the renowned durability of all Saucony shoes. And while it isn’t a light shoe, lighter runners shouldn’t discount it.
Try it on if you liked Saucony 3D GRID Hurricane 4 (£79.99); Asics Gel Kayano (£104.99); Adidas A3 (£99.99); Asics Gel Creed (£89.99)

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GRID Hurricane

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Am thinking of investing in a pair but they ain't cheap so would like to know if anyone uses 'em, & what they think of 'em before I take the plunge.
Posted: 20/01/2003 at 18:39

One of the best shoes I've ever had, comfortable, good cushioning, hard-wearing etc although I've always been a Saucony fan anyway. If you shop around you can get them cheaper, albeit last year's model. The last pair I had I got for £47.95 (reduced from £85) from one of the big mail order shops - can't remember which one I'm afraid, might have been Upandrunning. I see Northern Runner are currently selling them for £59.99.


Posted: 21/01/2003 at 08:37


We're big fans check out our review.
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 10:23

Cor thanks guys!! I'm not fussed about having last year's model. I've never had Saucony before hence the need for reassurance. TVM again.
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 10:59

just before you do part with you hard earned pennies, try on the new Hurricane 5 version. It's is miles superiour to the old models, a little lighter, more cushioning better feel. I think it worth every penny, and cr*ps and the kayano from a great height ( and at rrp £15 cheaper)
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 11:11

All true - although the old models are still vey good. Depends how much you're prepared to spend I suppose.
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 11:16


Would have to agree with the above comments. I'm currently training for a Spring marathon (Taunton) and with this in mind wanted a pair of shoes that would be able to cope with 3 montns of 60 mile/week+ training

In order to see 'what was what' I recently visited Ironbridge Runner in Exeter with my old shoes, told the guy my requirements (as in training and upcomimg events) and let him recommend the most suitable models for my needs

Based on my shoe wear, weight (11st) and intended training schedule I was given the latest Asics Kayano (XI), New Balance 1220s and Saucony 3d Grid Hurricane Vs to try.

One of the key advantages of visiting a specialist running shop (apart from unbaised advice from people who run themselves) is the fact that you can 'try before you buy.' I spent about 45 minutes testing the 3 shoes including running around the streets outside the shop (where else could you do that?!)

The results (for me)were quite clear cut - The NB's just didn't feel cushioned enough, the Asics (although comfortable) felt lacking in support whilst the Saucony's felt comfortable and VERY cushioned (first time I've tried the GRID system and it certainly seems to work)

Anyhow I bought the Saucony's and have been very pleased to date - I've clocked up about 75 miles in them so far (I alternate them with a different pair of shoes for shorter tempo runs) and by Marathon time arrives (if I stick to my schedule!) I will have run about 350 miles in them so they should see me through the race

I can recommend them - but would also advise visiting a running shop if possible to try alternatives - you may find that you get on better with something different

All the best with your running
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 13:32

David - that's really helpful and thank you for taking the trouble to reply so fully. I'm due for a trip to mother in law's in Falmouth so may well stop off at Exeter on the way (I live in Shrewsbury) and tell them that you sent me! I'm building up for London and my Asics GT2070s are knackered having taken a real pounding over the last few months. They've gone well beyond 500 miles so are an injury waiting to happen. I can't say that there's anything wrong with the shoe, quite the contrary they're really good and nicely responsive, but I could do with a bit more cushioning than they offer. I'm the same weight as you, incidentally!!

Must say that the Saucony website is very interesting if rather technical.

Tim and Jethro - I was tempted to be a cheapskate but based on yours & David's replies I'll hold off!

Thanks again folks for this very useful advice.
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 14:22

Sythree, I'm on my second pair (only ever had three pairs of running shoes) and although I don't know too much about the shoes I do think they are great.

I got last years style for about £50 quid including posting from up and running. I still use my old pair every now and again and even though they have been totally immersed in mud and then left for days\weeks (many times) they are still comfy and no more worse for wear for thier ordeals. I will continue to buy them until they stop making them.

Recommend them but then I suppose it just depends on what suits us.
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 14:41

TVM Tulips. I'm on the case!
Posted: 21/01/2003 at 17:42

Brilliant shoe !!!!!!!!!!! I've got a pair of last years model. A definate recommendation
Posted: 31/01/2003 at 14:18

I've got some but they have become my around the house/pub trainers cos I just couldn't get used to them, only did about 70 miles in them and found that I was not confident with them. An expensive mistake on my part. Found them to be too heavy and they made my arches ache. Much happier in Mizuno Wave Riders, before the Hurricanes I had Grid Jazz and they were really comfy, bouncy and light.

Posted: 31/01/2003 at 14:45

Thanks for the feedback on the Hurricane, it's very pleasing to hear that most people like them!

Dragon Breath (nice name!!) both the Wave Riders and the Grid Jazz are neutral and flexible shoes. The Hurricane, by definition will be much more stable and rigid, so it can offer the support many people need, this is probabloy the bit you didn't like.
Sounds like you should stick with a neutral shoe, so try the new Grid Jazz or if you're looking for a bit more cushioning, go for the Grid Trigon. Hope this helps!

Posted: 03/02/2003 at 14:09

I bought Hurricane 5's to replace my trusty Grid Web (not 2003 version) but not sure I'm getting on with them as well as the achilles support is narrower giving me a bit of pain, but as only done 3 runs so far in them, I'm probably still breaking them in.

Saucony - if I'm not happy after another run, will you trade them in for a replacement pair of new Grid Webs or Trigons as I'm a fairly neutral/supination runner?? (The 5's are a bit grubby 'cos first run was in wet weather)
Posted: 05/02/2003 at 16:20

if you are a neutraul or supinator... what are you doing with a pair of moderate pronation shoes?
Why aren't you in tri-gon or Jazz 8 at least.
If a store told you these are the correct shoes for a neutral, take them back as they are lying
Posted: 05/02/2003 at 16:38

Is the grid hurricane the most supportive shoe(in Saucony)
i overpronate a lot
Posted: 05/02/2003 at 17:18

no, the stabil is the motion control shoe (max support)
floppy feet !!!
Posted: 05/02/2003 at 17:44

Posted: 05/02/2003 at 18:00

i like them on my fourth pair....
much prefer the new model to the old one, but the old one was fine....just that the new one is even better...

Posted: 06/02/2003 at 08:20

I run in them - I was lucky enough to win the pair I have now.

I had not run in Saucony's before but the knee problems I have had in the past have vanished now - must be good for me.

On the downside they are a little heavy and a bit more cushioning would have been nice but as I have run all this years runs so far in them and got a pb almost each time(Cleethorpes 10k, Helsby 1/2, Watford 1/2, Stamford 30k and Silverstone 1/2) without any bother, and I do all my training in them - I can do nothing but sing their praises.

Mine will be replaced by a new pair of the same !!

I had tried Asics Kayano's - more expensive - but they caused leg pain for me ..... so I'll stick with the Saucony Hurricanes !
Posted: 06/03/2003 at 17:36

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