Saucony GRID Stabil MC £75

Posted: 25 April 2003

Weight 368g
Evaluation Traditionally motion control shoes have tended to be heavy, brick-like creatures best suited to big guys. But not all runners who need bags of stability want a heavy shoe.
Saucony’s GRID Stabil is lighter than many motion control shoes while still retaining plenty of support, making it a good choice for the stability-oriented, lighter runner. At 368g the fourth incarnation, the GRID Stabil MC is comparable in weight to some stability shoes, but as supportive as a traditional motion control model.
Saucony has completely revamped the Stabil, so it’s quite different to the previous model. There’s a medial arch lock that tightens up the midfoot for a more secure, comfortable feel. In the MC’s forefoot, Saucony has added a plastic wave-like device called GRID Return that provides extra control and, it’s claimed, energy return. There’s also a third midsole density – a small post under the big toe.
The most noticeable difference is the extra posting in the heel, enhanced further by a cushioning GRID with more tightly packed, firmer ‘strings’ on the medial side, resulting in a more stable rearfoot.
It’s a stable shoe but, and this is one of the real plusses, it’s also incredibly smooth.
In short Extremely stable for its weight, with a great fit and a smooth ride, the GRID Stabil MC has a broader appeal than many motion control shoes. Lighter, stability-oriented runners usually put off by the weight of an MC shoe should try it, but heavier runners should have a look too.
Try it on if you liked Saucony GRID Stabil; Asics Gel Koji.

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Saucony GRID Stabil MC

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If you've purchased the Saucony Grid Stabil - are you satisfied with it (particulary if you are a medium overpronator)
Posted: 04/01/2004 at 19:40

I have Stabil MC and am really happy with it.

Never given me a problem. I was previously assessed as needing Brooks Beast which normally only a really big lad would need. I'm 6'1" and am currently 11st10lbs, so I was maybe misadvised there.

I do overpronate though, I should imagine I'd be classified as "mild".

Hope rthis helps.
Posted: 04/01/2004 at 23:49

er, just looked at that article and I wonder what shoes are pictured in it!

The Stabil MC doesn't look like that (in colour scheme).

But I agree with the review. They are light. I doubt I'll change now. In fact I bought a new pair last week.

Sorry if I don't make much sense, just come back from teh pub!
Posted: 04/01/2004 at 23:53

Heavy overpronator and on my 3rd pair so yes. New model is an improvement, but I weigh 15st run mainly on roads and get through them in about 250 miles which means 2x pairs every 4 months. Ouch
Posted: 04/01/2004 at 23:59

Bryan - That's the ladies colourway in the photo. Glad you like them (the Mens ones that it....)!
Posted: 05/01/2004 at 16:10

I am a heavy road runner - 16 stone - about 20 miles a week. I've had 3 pairs of Grid Stabils over the past 3 years and I need a new pair of shoes soon as my current pair has clocked up 440 miles. The new Grid Stabil sounds lighter and maybe less suitable to me. any advice as an alternative? what about the grid hammer?
Posted: 14/03/2004 at 23:39

the grid hammer is an old shoe, you may not be able to get hold of it.
the grid stabil mc is still very much a motion control shoe, in fact possibly more controlling than it has been previously due to more of a medial post in the front of the shoe. personally, I wouldn't worry too much about using the new stabil if I'd been happy with the old version, robert.

but as I said, the stabil is a motion control shoe-pegasus may find them too controlling for only a medium overpronator - a better saucony shoe for you, pegasus, may be the grid omni
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 13:32

Annajo - thanks for your feedback. I'll go to my local running shop this week and try the Grid Stabils on, along with a couple of alternatives. cheers
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 13:53

I posed the topic question awhile ago and funnily enough I did what annajo is suggesting now - ie I bought the grid omni. I was told by the brilliant staff at sweatshop that it was too much control for me. So I bought the Asics 2090 instead. What a mistake! What a shoddy piece of workmanship that was! The heel area is too loose, and a number of people from another running forum thought the same. I took it back and exchanged it with the grid omni. My feet love it :0)
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 19:24

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