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RW's reviews of Walsh shoes, and Walsh contact details

Posted: 18 June 2002

Unit N, Kershaw Business Centre, Baldwin Street, Bolton, Lancs BL3 5DA;
enquiries to 01539 731012;

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I've just bought a pair of Walsh fell shoes and on trying them on I thought them a bit snug and may need a half size up. However I was thinking that given the sort of terrain and conditions that they're made for that it might be better for them to be slightly snug rather than slightly loose (having made the same mistake with a pair of off-road Nikes and regretted getting the size up)
What do you think? Do the new PB Racers stretch much after use? If it makes a difference they are snug width wise but more than long enough!
Posted: 20/01/2003 at 13:01

Dont stretch, but all XC shoes should come up snug due to the nature of the sport...
Posted: 20/01/2003 at 13:03

PS Walshes are narrow lasted, and mine are very snug, but not toe-crushing!

Posted: 20/01/2003 at 13:03

I got half a size up in the pb2 trainers and they were very slightly loose in the heel although a couple of soakings and drying out on the fire has sorted that out now. If you run in the wet you may find that they do give a little during the run - think some walshes are made of different materialst though?
Posted: 20/01/2003 at 13:25

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