Ageing Race-fully

From boosting your bones to sharpening your mind, here’s how running can hold back the years

Posted: 9 May 2011
by Jerrie Andrews

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Protect your eyes

A study at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US, suggests that regular running could help prevent age-related macular degeneration [a visual impairment affecting the centre of your field of vision].

The research showed that runners who averaged 1.2-2.4 miles per week had 19 per cent lower risk of macular degeneration - and runners   who clocked higher mileage lowered  that risk even further. 

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I can't run but I walk and I find that if I miss a single day (excluding scheduled rest days) my mood lowers and I begin to feel more lethargic.  Since Christmas of last year 2011 I have walked off five stone, I still plan to loes another three but that will be next year.  I walk on roads or paved paths but I find lots to see and interact with.  There are several others in my area who also walk rather than run.  

Here is wishing you all a very pleasant Holiday and a Healthier New Year.



Posted: 12/12/2012 at 22:21

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