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Here’s where we’ve answered your need-to-know questions so you’ll feel more confident and excited on the road to weight loss.

You’ve seen them effortlessly striding down the street, their sculpted quads shining in the sun. And, now you’ve decided to join the pavement-pounders and become a runner, it will make you fitter, healthier and happier. These pages contain your head-to-heels guide that will show you how to not only help yourself keep going, but stay moving and motivated, and make running a lifelong habit. 

START EASY: Walk – a lot

It’s here, at the early stages of the RYBO programme, where many new runners stumble. You may be happy with your walk, and now you think, “Today, I’m going to start running!” Then out of the door you go with the best of intentions – but maybe not the best preparation. Two minutes later your legs, lungs and even your insides hurt. Don’t despair –running takes time to break into.

“Every able-bodied person can be a runner,” says Gordon Bakoulis, a running coach and author of Cross-Training. “Just start slowly and build up gradually.” And, as we mentioned earlier in this book, most coaches agree that the best way to become a runner is with a run-walk programme. So begin by adding small segments of running to your walk programme from stage one. “Start with four to five minutes of walking,” says running coach Christine Hinton. “Then alternate with some running, always ending with a walking segment to cool down.” You’ll see the run-walk stages continue throughout the chapters of this book, forming the introductory 12-stage programme. You should aim to run at a pace where you can hold a conversation comfortably – and do it at least three days a week, with rest days in between. 

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