RW's Deeper Stretches for runners

If you're comfortable with the basic stretches, try these more advanced alternatives

If you’re comfortable with the basic stretches, try these more advanced alternatives.

1. Kneeling quadriceps stretch against wall

Your rearmost shin and the top of your foot should be flat against the wall, as you lean back to increase the stretch in the front of your thigh. Take care if you have ankle problems, and stay tall in your upper body to avoid compressing your lower back.

2. Bent-leg standing hamstrings stretch

Be thoroughly warmed up before you attempt this one. With one foot on a chair or ledge, bend your upper leg deeply and move your chest down onto your thigh. Keeping your chest low, gently try to straighten your bent leg.

3. Cross-legged sitting gluteals stretch

Start in a cross-legged position with your back upright. Your shins should be parallel to your body and your feet should be as far out to the sides as you can get them. Keeping a straight back, bend forwards with arms outstretched.

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do you have any advice on groin stretches i.e. more sretching exercises, how long you hold the stretch and most importantly groin strengthening exercise/techniques
Posted: 13/05/2005 at 12:29

It takes 15-20 seconds for muscle to realise its not in danger of snapping ans then it relaxes. Therefore, hold a stretch for that length of time, relax and try again whilst breathing out. Dont bounce and take your time. You'll automatically stretch the muscles you find easiest to stretch, ie right or left hand side. Pay attention to opposite muscle groups.
Posted: 13/05/2005 at 12:45

I've found lots of advice on how to treat shin splints, but very little on how to prevent the condition in the first place.

Any stretching suggestions aimed specifically at preparing the shins / ankles for jogging? 

 Also, how do you know whether you need a trainer that offers 'more support' or offers 'more spongy flexibility'.

Posted: 07/02/2011 at 08:49

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