Save your skin

Running can be rough on your outer layer, from blisters to sunburn. Here's our skin-saving plan.

by Denise Schipani & Ruth Emmett

Man chafing illustration
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Work of friction

It's your old friend friction again. Skin rubbing on skin or coming in contact with loose or ill-fitting clothing can lead to rashes and even infection, says Hale. Chafing is most common under upper arms, beneath breasts, between thighs or, for men, on nipples. Moisture, from sweat or rain, makes it worse.

Protect yourself: An anti-chafing stick or simple Vaseline provides a protective barrier. Be sure clothing fits snugly but doesn't dig, is made of a wicking material and doesn't have irritating seams. Post-chafing, use BodyGlide or Vaseline to protect and soothe.

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