Welcome to ASICS Target 26.2 2015

Training for a marathon is never easy, but imagine if you could train like a pro with your very own coach, bespoke training plan, plus all the guidance you could possibly need from a physio, nutritionist and sports psychologist. ASICS Target 26.2 gives five runners just that - it's a taster of what it’s like to train like an elite.  After 3,000 applications, 50 who came to Bootcamp, 24 who made it to the final selection stage and one week of frenzied public voting, we found our ASICS Target 26.2 line up for 2015 in December last year. Meet the five runners we coached for the Paris Marathon on April 12 and find out how they fared on race day.

Whatever your marathon goal, ASICS Target 26.2 is the home of marathon training. As ambassadors for anyone running a Spring marathon, you can follow our runners' training programmes for sub 3, sub 3.30, sub 4, sub 4.30 and sub 5 hour marathons, and follow their journeys and share your own stories in the forum.

How did they do?

With the Paris Marathon done and medal bling around their necks, find out how Tim, Tony, Amy, Andrea and Tom got on at the Paris Marathon on April 12. Did we see PBs all round? Find out!

Ask the experts

Throughout #asics262, our experts have been on hand to help you with your training. Catch up with their webchats.

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18 February - Q&A with sports psychologist Victor Thompson. Read the Q&A.
4 February - Q&A with coach Sam Murphy. Read the Q&A here.


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