What to wear on marathon training runs is almost as important as the training itself. The right kit can not only keep you warm and dry on the bleakest of days, but it can also be a great motivator to get you out of the door when every muscle in your body is telling you to stay on the sofa.

Over the course of ASICS Target 26.2 2015, we’ll be showcasing the essential ASICS gear that will see you through winter and spring. Gear that’s both functional and stylish, which you can wear both on training runs and in the big race itself.

Our pick of ASICS kit for spring
To train for a spring marathon you need the right gear – specialised kit that will keep you warm, dry and motivated to step out of the door. Together with ASICS, we’ve pulled together some stylish and functional spring gear essentials.

For the girls…

Lightweight jacket   Lightweight jacket
Spring weather calls for a lightweight jacket and this one comes with detachable sleeves so you’ll be geared up for warm or cold weather. In the cold weather it keeps you warm and dry, in warmer weather you can detach the sleeves to avoid the dreaded overheating. Essential zip pockets will keep your valuables safe on the run too.
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Short sleeve zip top   Short sleeve zip top
With a half zip on the front and a ventilation panel on the back, the short sleeve zip top is designed to be flexible, breathable and keep you comfortable in spring weather.
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Mid-length running tights   Mid-length running tights
These posture-promoting knee length tights feature elastic panels at the lower back and waist to improve your posture and increase your comfort on the run. On the thighs, a special Leg Balance technology reduces muscle vibration when you’re pounding the road, helping your muscles to work more efficiently and reducing your risk of injury.
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Women's compression socks   Women's compression socks
These calf-length socks work to increase circulation with graduated compression and help to reduce muscle fatigue. Special moisture-wicking yarn also keeps your toes dry, preventing pesky blisters from forming.
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For the boys…

Men’s inner muscle short sleeve top   Men’s inner muscle short sleeve top
Designed to improve your posture when you run, the unique muscle support technology in this half zip top helps increase your range of shoulder movement and open up the chest for easier breathing. It means you’ll take in more oxygen, helping to improve your performance during a run and speeding up your recovery afterwards.
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Men’s leg balance full-length running tights   Men’s leg balance full-length running tights
Using Core Balance technology at the waist, these full-length tights help to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. The special Leg Balance technology at the knee and thigh area also works to cushion your knees and reduce muscle fatigue. The tights also come with a handy hidden pocket at the waistband so you can store stuff easily.
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Men’s 7 inch speed running shorts   Men’s 7 inch speed running shorts
The reflective features in these shorts help to keep you safe when you’re out running in low visibility and poor lighting conditions. Made from lightweight Motion Dry technology which wicks away moisture, you’ll stay dry on the run too.
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Men’s compression socks   Men’s compression socks
Wear these long, calf-length socks during and after a run to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance your performance. Featuring graduated compression, they’ll increase circulation and keep your feet dry and comfortable with their moisture-wicking yarn.
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