With 16+ weeks of gruelling winter training, everyone needs a pick-me-up every now and again when it comes to marathon training. The MY ASICS app is designed to help you stick to that training plan even when the going gets tough.

MY ASICS is a free service available on watches, tablets and smartphones that allows you to create a custom training plan, keep a logbook and analyse your performance. This year, each of our runners will be logging their runs using the MY ASICS app - if you have a spring marathon in the calendar, it will help you to reach your goals too.

Follow a plan
The MY ASICS training schedules cover distances from 5K and10K to half marathon and marathon distances. Each plan consists of a number of phases working towards your goal, and each phase features a mix of different training types, such as jogging, interval and race-pace running.

Log your runs
Integrating with your training plan, the MY ASICS logbook is a great way to monitor your progress. You can also create and save your favourite running routes, set email notifications to remind you to log your runs, and add in extra details, such as injury details or what nutrition you used on a run.

Analyse your progress
If you love your running stats, MY ASICS offers graphs aplenty, where you can pore over every aspect of your running, including distance, pace and time for each of your routes and training types.

Stretch and strengthen
Stretching and strengthening exercises are an important addition to any training programme to ward off injury and keep your muscles strong and supple. MY ASICS features a range of handy stretch and strength exercise videos, which are integrated in the training plans. In each phase of your training plan, you’ll be offered new exercises to follow.

The MY ASICS app is easy to use. Simply:

1. Download the app onto your tablet or smartphone
2. Choose a training plan
3. Record your mileage
4. Share your stats with friends and feel the love!

ASICS Target 26.2 runner Adrian Livingstone used the MY ASICS app in our 2012 project to help him smash his marathon plateau and he continues to use it. “I use the MY ASICS app to keep a record of every run I do and what time it takes. The app tells me what minutes per mile I do, and from that I can keep a good diary of what of I’ve done. I link it up to Twitter and Facebook too so I can keep people updated.”

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