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Sub 5:00 Finalist

Gareth Edmondson

Gareth Edmondson

"I started running when I discovered I'd become a 38" waist in Marks & Spencer one Saturday afternoon," says 38-year-old Gareth from Carms in Wales. "I made the decision never to be that weight again. I struggled to start with, but got through it and now I run for the sheer challenge of making myself better and conquering my insecurities. I read that most people give up running in the first two weeks and I vowed never to do that. I succeeded.

"I am humbled and overwhelmed at being voted into the Target team of 2014. The support has been amazing from family, friends, colleagues and pupils in the school where I work. By being voted by the public into this project I hope I can inspire the children I teach and my own son about the importance of being active, exercise and the benefits of staying healthy.

"I am most looking forward to developing my running over longer distances through working with a quality team of experts. I’m also looking forward to speaking with other Target team members and drawing on their experiences in pushing myself even further. By running this marathon, I am looking to push my body and mind and improving my overall fitness as I move into my 40s – the prime of my life."

Gareth's running stats:
5K: 29:00
10K: 59:22
Half marathon: 2:14
Marathon: Never completed a marathon

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