Are some sessions better suited to particular times of the day?

We ask GB Olympian Jo Pavey.

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Are some sessions better suited to particular times of the day?

Our bodies’ circadian rhythms affect our ability to work out at certain times of day. They fluctuate over a 24-hour period, determining sleep cycles, body temperature and hormone production. Studies have found that strength and power tend to be greater in the evening because this is the peak time for many of the body’s systems, such as body temperature. This means it’s probably better to do speed sessions or hill sprints later in the day. In contrast, it may make more sense to do a long run or longer sessions in the morning, when your body temperature is lower.

But consider personal preferences: I tend to do most of my hard workouts in the morning, as it suits my family life, but when trials and championships are approaching, I switch to evening sessions to get the required quality.

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