Essential Winter Training Guide

Winter training is never easy but if you strike the right balance between indoor and outdoor sessions you’ll be in great shape when the triathlon season kicks off in the spring

by Michelle Arthurs

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Smile through the snow

Finally, make time to enjoy the release from summer racing, and focus on enjoying what the winter has to offer.

"As an age grouper I really loved the off-season and winter racing," says Carritt. "It provided an element of distraction from triathlon, and helped me to develop new skills, from mountain-biking, to cross-country running and a host of others."

Winter races will help improve your strength and your bike handling skills, and they will allow you to add some speed work to your winter training programme.

"My top tip for the winter is to check out the cross-country, cyclocross and adventure-racing scene in your area - and get stuck in," adds Carritt.

Dewar says that training with others is important. "Winter training can be demoralising, so we try to organise group sessions and I recommend athletes get together to train."

And don't forget to reclaim some of your life, says Sanderson. "Don't be afraid of skipping the odd session. Triathletes should use this part of the year to spend time with family and friends. Now is a good time to maintain fitness, and work on form, but it is a more relaxed time of year and triathletes should take advantage of that, and get the balance back in their lives."

So whether you hit the treadmill, the turbo or the trail, do so with care, and remember this time of year is about technique, maintenance and careful preparation. Most of all, though, it's about staying safe for the start line next summer.

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