Perfect 10: Your First Triathlon Training Schedule

If you think you can't prepare for a triathlon in 10 weeks, think again. We've designed a training schedule to fit your busy life and ensure you're ready for the first of many races.

Posted: 9 May 2011
by Ralph Hydes

If you think you're not ready to face the challenge of your first triathlon, fear not. We asked coach Ralph Hydes ( to design a manageable 10-week programme for sprint and Olympic distance. Ralph has been a personal trainer since 2000. He also represented Great Britain in eight duathlon and triathlon age-group World Championships, and came seventh in the 2006 World Duathlon Championships.

These plans assume a good level of fitness and a determination to persevere even when - especially when - you don't feel like it. Members of the TW site can sign up for our weekly email training newsletters (starting May 13), for tips and advice, words of wisdom from those who know, and much more.

Our Sprint and Olympic distance training programmes are based on three sessions per week, one for each discipline. Depending on your fitness, work and family commitments, extra sessions can be done - up to three more. If you are doing three sessions each week, I have factored in the bike session for a weekend because this is usually the longest and most difficult session to fit in to your week.

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I note these plans are based on three sessions a week which seems quite realistic for me. I may be being a bit thick but which of the listed six sessions each week are the optional ones? Or does it not matter as long as all six are included at some point?
Posted: 14/05/2011 at 17:41

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