Weight Training for Triathlon

To lift or not to lift? Find out how building muscle could sharpen your race performance

by AJ Johnson

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In addition to doing weights and triathlon- specific workouts, plyometrics will build the power that will make you a better triathlete Plyometrics are explosive movements, such as jumping as high as you can for 10 repetitions or hopping onto a six-inch box with one leg. Again, the concept is to create a muscular firing pattern that is specific to triathlon.

Plyometrics help build explosive power while forcing you to use your stabilising muscles. An example is to perform a squat with heavy weights, then jump 10 times as high as you can, using both feet. Rest
for two minutes and do it again. Not only will you be working your legs in an explosive manner, you will also be engaging your core, hips and back to create stability as you land and jump back up.

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