Ride Stronger: Three Core Exercises

Three moves guaranteed to keep you strong on long rides

Posted: 26 October 2010
by Selene Yeager

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Riding all day nearly always exposes your weakest link, which for most riders is the core. "The core area - your abs, lower back, obliques, hips and glutes - helps transfer power to the pedals, as well as stabilise the rider on the bike," says US ultra-­endurance and 24-hour mountain bike champion Chris Eatough (chriseatough.com), who trains riders to tackle long off-road rides.

Eatough recommends doing three sets each of the following moves two or three times a week. Use the first set of 10 to 12 reps of each exercise as a warm-up. For the next two sets, do as many repetitions as you can while maintaining good form.

Build muscle to go faster

Many triathletes shy away from strength training, fearing that the added muscle weight will slow them down on race courses. However, increasing muscle volume will not only give you more power, it can also help protect you from injury, increase flexibility and even improve your VO2 max. Just don't become one of those no-neck monsters who have to turn right around when someone says "Look behind you!"

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