On Test: Tri Suits

Posted: 27 November 2009
by Alison Hamlett and Steven Seaton

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Zoot Trifit Race Suit, £75

They say: The Zoot TRIfit Race Suit features Endurance Bra construction and Integra SBR pad construction for comfort and support. The FREEband gripper offers a more comfortable, less restrictive leg hem, while the 30.5cm Cam Lock zipper with soft-finish zipper binding also promotes comfort and prevents chafing. All seams feature SeamLink stitch construction to ensure next-to-skin comfort. There are two small hip holster pockets. Ventilator mesh fabric promotes wicking. A men’s version is available.

We say:
This was the only women’s tri suit on test that featured a zip on the bra liner, as well as the front of the suit, to ensure easy entry. The rest of the suit also offers thoughtful details such as a thick fleece pad for comfort on the bike and two small pockets on the back for gels. Even when wet, the fabric feels like a comfortable second skin, and dries rapidly on the bike section of a race. The neck might be a little too high for some tastes, and the leg grippers didn’t grab skinny legs brilliantly, but if you like your shorts short, this tri suit is a stylish option.

Contact www.djmproducts.co.uk

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"We say" taken from previous Santini section and Ironman totally incorrect
Posted: 09/01/2010 at 11:36

"I listen" removed from the older Lemond department and Outlas almost positive
Posted: 09/01/2010 at 11:48

Posted: 09/01/2010 at 13:08

Thats what I thought JD, but then I thought, hang on, maybe its a kind or jibbish game and fancied my chances

Doesnt kind of make any sense?
Posted: 09/01/2010 at 16:05


we say 10 is 9

Posted: 09/01/2010 at 16:16

and 12 is rubish
Posted: 09/01/2010 at 16:17

some of the "we say" reviews have been repeated, I think the OP is pointing that out.
Posted: 09/01/2010 at 16:21

Sorry, I thought this was a serious forum for triathletes, clearly I was wrong.
Posted: 31/07/2010 at 21:57

So Meldy, what do you recommend....

Not particularly qualified as I am a chap but I would suggest the bust support would be more in the sports bra than in the tri-suit....after that I'm not sure there is much difference whther you are a beginner or a more expereinced athlete....

Others may know better......

...and Claire....chill....he was being (apparently) funny......

Posted: 01/08/2010 at 11:00


Claire, Mrs74 liked the Craft tri stuff, although at RRP then you'll not get one for £35.  However, it should be coming up for sales season over there now, and so you may get lucky.  I beleive she used her normal triumph something or other (white with red bits) running bra under her tri suit as it's designed for sporty stuff so is quick drying. 

Posted: 01/08/2010 at 11:09

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