Six Open-Water Goggles

The right mask or pair of goggles can mean the difference between a comfortable, confident and fast swim, and one that is none of those things

Posted: 3 May 2010
by Nicola Joyce

TYR Femme Crystalflex, £12.59
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TYR Femme Crystalflex

TYR Femme Crystalflex, £12.59


As the name suggests, these goggles are female-specific, but TYR have similar models in their range for men.

We think they are a terrific budget choice for anyone who's confident enough to step into open water in a smaller pair of goggles. They won't offer the extra protection of a mask but will do the job if you're happy swimming in open water.

The lenses are larger than standard pool goggles, making sighting simple, and the lens is curved to give great peripheral vision. These goggles are really easy to adjust once they're on. The Crystalflex has been designed with the more understated swimmer in mind so, if you don't want the kind of kit that screams for attention, these simple but effective goggles may well be for you.

They come in a range of muted frame colours and three different lens colours (clear, smoke and blue).


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