Six Open-Water Goggles

The right mask or pair of goggles can mean the difference between a comfortable, confident and fast swim, and one that is none of those things

Posted: 3 May 2010
by Nicola Joyce

Blueseventy Carbon Race, £70
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Blueseventy Carbon Race

Blueseventy Carbon Race, £70 (£60 non-mirrored)


Carbon fibre? In swimming goggles? Just when you thought swimming was the least tech-heavy of triathlon's three disciplines, along come Blueseventy's Carbon Race goggles.

Typically, goggles are made of polycarbonate but the Carbon Race uses CFP (Carbon Fibre Polymer), which is several times stronger. The Carbon Race is also twice as light as its traditional counterparts. We're not sure we're its target market: we could certainly feel that the goggles are very light, and they look great, but we're just not fast enough (yet!) to notice the milliseconds a pair of carbon fibre goggles might save us.

We didn't think they were very easy to adjust, either (certainly not once they were on). They are beautifully packaged and come in a very nice carry case.  


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