Suit Yourself: Wetsuits On Test

Choosing the right wetsuit can make all the difference to your results, especially when you’re new to triathlon

Posted: 10 June 2010
by Nicola Joyce

Nineteen Pipeline
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Nineteen Pipeline, £175

This wetsuit polarised opinions: we loved the good bits and disliked the bad bits.
It's a great suit for the price, but there are things we'd want to fix before doing a long swim in it. It's aimed at beginners so the neoprene on the legs was thick. This made the Pipeline tough to climb into, but follow Nineteen's tips (over) and you should be fine. Once the suit was on, it looked great (in fact, it was the only suit that prompted a comment from a passer-by). Despite its long sleeves, water entered the cuffs and a detail on the collar scratched the side of the neck. Otherwise, the suit was comfortable and pretty fast, thanks to the flexible armpit area. It came off extremely quickly, making it a great choice for anyone keen to shave off seconds in T1.

How it rated: 7/10

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