Suit Yourself: Wetsuits On Test

Choosing the right wetsuit can make all the difference to your results, especially when you’re new to triathlon

Posted: 10 June 2010
by Nicola Joyce

Zone3 Aspire
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Zone3 Aspire, £195

The two most noticeable things about the Zone3 Aspire are its looks (it's easy to spot in the throng of a swim) and Pro Speed arm and leg cuffs, which make the suit exceptionally fast to remove. Clever panels and quick-release legs enable you to get the suit off in a flash. The reverse zip (fastening at the top) is also easier to undo than a regular design (the Aspire is available with a traditional zipper, too). However, it takes a little longer than some suits
to pull on, but if you practise and prepare you shouldn't have much of a problem.
The Aspire is comfortable and buoyant, encouraging a good body position, and stretchy panels allow freedom of movement in the shoulder area, which should assist your recovery.

How it rated: 9/10

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