Elites At Christmas

Do elites train on Christmas day or are they tucking into a full roast? We discovered their festive plans and party secrets.

Posted: 14 December 2010
by Michael Donlevy

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Tim Don

What are your plans for December?

Swim, bike, run. I'll look for a 10-day block with some good weather in Europe.
Training aside, what about Christmas and New Year?
Time with my family in the UK, and a bit of training as well.
Still? So will you be training on Christmas Day and New Year's Day?

Yes. I have to earn my Christmas dinner and work off my New Year's headache.
What's your dream present?

I got mine earlier this year - my daughter, Matilda Sophia Don.
What's your favourite party game?

Wii Olympics - my nieces kill me at it, and they are all under 10.
What's your tipple of choice?

Red wine, because it's full of antioxidants. Honest; that's the reason.

Don was ITU World Champ in 2006. He won the HY-Vee ITU Elite Cup (worth $200,000) in 2010

Picture credit: Delly Carr/ Triathlon.org

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