Elites At Christmas

Do elites train on Christmas day or are they tucking into a full roast? We discovered their festive plans and party secrets.

Posted: 14 December 2010
by Michael Donlevy

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Liz Blatchford

What are your plans for the festive season?

I'll be on the Gold Coast in Australia - and I'll be training.
Not on Christmas Day, surely?

We have the inlaws coming to our place in Australia, so I'll be playing host. But there will definitely be some beach time and a surf.
So you will be training?

Definitely. I try to get in a solid session first thing so I can then go and enjoy the festivities. As for the first of January, it depends how the night before turns out. I'm going out with local friends so might try to schedule a day off. I have no race plans until February.
What's your dream present?

A new Fish - it's a short, fat surfboard.
What's your biggest indulgence?

Homemade Bailey's. And I love mojitos - refreshing and zummy.

Blatchford won the Byron Bay Triathlon in 2008. She was third in the 2010 Mooloolaba World Cup

Picture credit: Spomedis/ Triathlon.org

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