Tasty Tomatoes: Seven Recipe Ideas

Tomatoes are not just versatile and tasty, they're also packed with nutrients.

by Maureen Callahan

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Tomatoes taste great (if you choose carefully and don't leave them in the fridge - they don't like the cold) and they're stuffed with things that are good for you, notably vitamins C, A and K, and the carotenoid lycopene. Many studies suggest that lycopene has powerful cancer-fighting properties and may also have a role to play in battling heart disease.

Of course it's foolish to think that a fruit (and it is a fruit) is a magic pill, but there seems little doubt that a healthy Mediterranean diet (which includes lots of tomatoes) is a good bet for a long and healthy life.With our tasty recipe ideas you can combine stocking up on your nutrients with scrummy, moreish meals.

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