Food Fact vs Food Fiction

With so much contradictory information about food it's almost impossible to make smart choices - that's why we've come to the rescue

Posted: 3 May 2011
by Joel Weber with Mike Zimmerman

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If my options are a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza, which should I eat?

Neither is what you could with a straight face describe as "terrifically nutritious" or "really, not as bad as you might think" but if you must splurge, the better choice is a matter of toppings.

The more high-fibre veggies you can include, the better. For that reason your best option is probably a slice of pizza loaded with a combination of vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and some rocket.

It's by no means a perfect meal - the carbs in the crust will likely be the refined variety - but the pile of produce on top certainly helps make it a healthier choice. The burger is likely to be extremely fatty and the cheese of the high-fat and cheap variety.

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