Foods that Heal

To mend muscles and heal fractures more quickly, look no further than your local supermarket

Posted: 27 May 2011
by Kelly Bastone

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Cereal Aisle

Buy: Fortified cereals


They contains zinc, a proven asset to the immune system and for healing wounds. Along with red meat, fortified cereals are the best sources (some deliver 100 per cent of your recommended daily allowance).

By itself, zinc doesn't repair damaged tissue, but it assists the nutrients that do. "Just don't overdo it," says Sass, adding that too much - more than 40 grams a day for an adult - of this potent mineral can lower HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and suppress your immune system.

Cereal supplies moderate zinc doses as well as wholegrain carbohydrates, which fuel your body's healing efforts and keep it from dipping into your protein stores for energy. "Eating enough carbs ensures that your body puts all of its available protein toward repairs," says Sass.

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