Open-Water Masterclass with Keri-Anne Payne

Conquer the waves with 16 top tips from the World Champion and Team GB swimmer

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1 Be prepared
Think like a boy scout and ‘be prepared’ for whatever challenges the weather may throw at you. Pack three sets of goggles in your kit bag to cover all race day eventualities; a mirrored pair (sunny weather), a clear pair (cloudy weather) and a pale blue/yellow tinted pair (for if it’s neither sunny or cloudy).

2 A secure fit
Keri-Anne recommends putting your goggles on underneath your swimming cap – that way they’re more secure and less likely to get knocked out of place in the open-water hustle.

3 Out in the open
If your goggles slip or get knocked out of place during the swim, don’t panic. Keep swimming while you adjust them, otherwise Keri-Anne warns you’ll lose valuable time. Flip on to your back, so you can check no one’s going to swim into you, and continue to kick hard with your legs as you reposition the goggles. Before you turn back on to your front to play catch up, sight to make sure you’re still going in the right direction.

Picture credit: Floresco Productions/ Getty Images

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Open-Water Masterclass with Keri-Anne Payne
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