Open-Water Masterclass with Keri-Anne Payne

Conquer the waves with 16 top tips from the World Champion and Team GB swimmer

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5 Make it natural
Effective sighting (checking where you are) will help you follow the most efficient route to the finish. Stopping mid-stroke will waste time and if you don’t do it often it enough, you could swim off course.

Keri-Anne’s tip is to make sighting a natural part of your stroke. When you turn your head to breathe, look forwards briefly and scan the horizon. Try to sight every few breaths and practise doing this in the pool so it feels normal.

6 Look out for other race landmarks
Don’t just rely on the buoys, look for other landmarks – Keri-Anne mentioned trees, buildings and bridges. Sometimes it’s possible to mistake other swimmers caps for buoys and this can send you off course, so keep a lookout for more static visual clues. Another top tip is to refrain from blindly following the swimmer in front – they might not be swimming in the right direction.   

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