Open-Water Masterclass with Keri-Anne Payne

Conquer the waves with 16 top tips from the World Champion and Team GB swimmer

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Starting the race

8 Get into position
If the race starts in the water, get into a position ready to go as soon as the whistle blasts. To do this:

  • Float on your front, with you arms bobbing gently at the side to stay still. Kick your heels gently.
  • It’ll be tricky to get into this position if you’re at the back of your wave. Make sure you get to the front. Other swimmers will quickly avoid you once you’re in this position - they won’t want to get kicked.

9 Start fast, then slow

The adrenaline and nerves at the start of a race can make you set off faster than usual. Factor this into your race plan. Keri-Anne says she plans to take the five strokes as quickly as possible to get away from the rest of the pack – but then she actively plans to slow the pace. This stops her burning out too fast.

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