Open-Water Masterclass with Keri-Anne Payne

Conquer the waves with 16 top tips from the World Champion and Team GB swimmer

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12 Match your needs
Get the wetsuit to match your needs. Wetsuits for elite swimmers and triathletes are thinner and designed to get your body in perfect alignment. Wetsuits for beginners are thicker and designed to stabilise you and make you more buoyant. Get the suit to match your needs, which won’t necessarily be the most expensive.

13 Carefully does it
Put your wetsuit on carefully – it’s an expensive piece of kit to rip. You can even buy special gloves for putting on the suit (especially useful if you have long or sharp nails).

14 One size doesn’t fit all
Neither does one brand. Try on several sizes and brands until you get the right fit.

15 Easy off
During your triathlon, start taking your suit off as soon as you exit the water. As you run zip down and pull off the top half. Remove the rest once you reach your bike.

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