Gear Pick of the Week: Daionic Pro Nutrition Shake


Daionic Pro Nutrition Shake, £1.99 (330ml)

Daionic have created a readymade protein shake with a whopping 36g of protein per serving - it claims to pack the most protein of any sports nutrition drink on the market. It’s main aims are to refuel and promote recovery to aid muscle growth.

I didn’t have the slightest problem knocking these back. We tried the strawberry and chocolate flavours which were both great tasting and easy to digest.

This product is ideal for post-gym sessions. The carb content is fairly low (15.2g per 330ml), so if you're drinking it after a long run pair it with a banana to treat your body with the nutrition values it deserves. And it's made from organic milk, so there are less chemicals to worry about.

Olympic gold and silver medallist Darren Campbell MBE swears by this product range, so you can only expect positive results.

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