Gear Pick of the Week: Kinetica Recovery

Kinetica 100% recovery

Kinetica 100% Recovery, £24.99
(10 x 75g sachets)

Joe says: Kinetica 100% Recovery is a 2:1 carb to protein supplement designed to aid quick delivery of nutrients to fatigued muscles and replenish glycogen stores post training.

Kinetica’s exclusive Biotein protein blend prevents muscle soreness after a hard workout to ensure you recover from training more quickly. 100% Recovery also combines essential amino acids and vitamins with three carbohydrate sources to provide sustained energy release and quick absorption into your system – perfect for the post-exercise period to get back up to speed.

These handy sachets are ideal for taking to a race or leaving in your kit bag for post-training rehydration. We liked the blackcurrant flavour, but there's an orange and mango option too. Use within 20 minutes of exercise for best results.

To find out more, or to buy, visit Kinetica

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