My VLM 2010: Graham Goddard

I was tripped from behind and stumbled - within minutes, my left ankle was the size of a large golf ball

Posted: 4 May 2010
by Graham Goddard 2

This was my second London Marathon (fifth marathon in total). Having run my first London Marathon very badly last year - due to lots of niggly injuries throughout training and major cramp on race day at Mile 14 - I was determined to put it right this year.

After lots of good training (although nothing over 20 miles) I was ready! My plan was to run steady for the first few miles, then settle into my race pace and aim for my target of under four hours. My previous PB was 4:14.

Everything was going to plan - I hit Mile 12 in 1:45 and was feeling good - but then disaster struck! Just before the turn to Tower Bridge, I was tripped from behind and stumbled into the runner next to me. They grabbed me and stopped me from going over completely (thanks to whoever you were)  but unfortunately, I went over on my left ankle. I managed to get to the side of the road, hang onto the railings and draw breath.

Within seconds a lady from St. John's Ambulance was at my side enquiring after my health. I explained I had gone over on my ankle and she helped me a few yards back and sat me in a chair. Within minutes my left ankle was the size of a large golf ball - race over! The St. John's crew then strapped me to a chair and wheeled me to their clinic where I was seen by a very nice doctor called Sara. She assessed my injury and diagnosed that I had, at the very least, badly torn my outer ankle ligaments and maybe even fractured it. They arranged for me to go to Guys Hospital for an X-ray which confirmed no break but I had badly torn my ligaments. So that was where my race finished - no shiny medal this time, just a nice pair of crutches!

I would like to say a massive thanks to the St. John's Ambulance team who looked after me so brilliantly on the day. If you happen to read this Dr. Sara, then good luck in Berlin!

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You must have been gutted!  I feel determined to do justice to the VLM, so have applied for next year.  If I ever get a place again, I really hope to finish, and finish well!  I'm glad to read some of the stories on here, because if you believe the BBC hype, everyone has an amazing time and runs really well.  As we all know, it's not always like that!   Many commiserations!
Posted: 22/05/2010 at 00:37

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