My VLM 2010: Neil Garner

I was having a ball but enjoyed one too many high-fives...

Posted: 2 May 2010
by Neil Garner 2

My endearing memories of the Virgin London Marathon 2010 are of the amazing crowds strewn across the length of the course. No matter who you were, and no matter what cause you were  running for, all the charities cheering you on and shouting your name as if they relied on your efforts.  I remember the Blue Start runners booing and jeering as the three starting groups merged together too. However, I have one memory which for me sums up my day. It's a short memory but one I laugh at everytime I think of it.

I guess we were three or four miles into the marathon. I had spent the previous miles waving at the crowds, soaking up the atmosphere and high-fiving every child that put their hand in my path. I tried to acknowledge everyone that cheered on my name, emblazoned on the front of my running top. I was on the righthand side of the road and before me was a long line of supporters - approximately 20 children, all waiting to high-five anyone who would accept their invitation. I high-fived the lot of them, all 20. I was having a ball and at the end of the line was one last person. That's getting into the spirit of it, I thought, as I high-fived the first aider with great gusto - "Cheers mate!"  - only to then realise he was smothered in petroleum jelly. I looked back and laughed to see him and his colleagues almost doubled over in hysterics. Great day!

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