Putting it in perspective

Finally discovering why so many people just want to finish the marathon no matter what it takes.

Posted: 26 April 2011
by Trev Bryan

Celebrating the fact that I had won a place via the public ballot, I had trained hard to achieve a sub-4:00 time. I was overjoyed at recording two half-marathons during the training both under 1:50. A few minor injuries over the 16 weeks were nursed away and I felt pretty good on the starting line.

Running with so many people wearing personal messages about lost or huring loved ones, I tried not to let the emotion get to me too much. Besides, I had agreed to run for two charities and raised a few hundred quid.

I won't bore you with the details but I missed my time by eight minutes, due to the heat and congestion. Initially I felt a little resentful at the number of people I had to weave past (sapping precious energy) and wondering how on earth they got put in a starting pen further ahead than me?

Anyway, at 5am the next day I got a call from my little sister telling me that mum had passed away (from cancer) at 1:30 am that morning. I thought she had a couple of months and had only seen her the Sunday before. 

I now understand why all those people entered and finished the race no matter how long it took them. I salute you all.

I've entered the ballot for next year (2012) and although i'll go after a good time, I will be running with a different motivation.

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Trev sorry to hear of your loss -- you're right it does put it into perspective.
Posted: 11/06/2011 at 20:26

No, it's not just running, and it's not the marathon, it's the VLM. It's different to all the others and "most" people run it for those reasons.

My sympathies, I went to see my Mum on the Wednesday night, I called my brother on the way home and suggested he went to see her. He said he would go at the weekend. She died on the Friday morning.

Being close to the charity you run for makes a world of difference.

Posted: 11/06/2011 at 20:49

Erm.... not sure what the rant above's about.

Just agree Trev there are more important things in life than worrying how fast  you run a marathon.

Posted: 12/06/2011 at 21:49

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