Real Weight-Loss Success Stories

These four runners shed stones - and you can too with their inspiring advice

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Obstacle: Eating between meals

Name: Benjamin Pope
Vital stats: 30 / 180cm / Bristol/ Start weight 20st 7lbs / End weight 14st 11lbs

Old habits 

Eating between meals became  a habit for Benjamin: "I spent a lot of time around the house and often used snacking as a way of breaking up the day and alleviating boredom," he says. Massive portion sizes compounded the problem.

New outlook

Travelling - and eating out a lot - in south-east Asia  afforded Benjamin a sense of perspective, showing him what  a normal-size meal looks like. "I'm now extremely aware of how much I put on my plate   and what I actually need to fill up and function for the day," he says.

Top tip: Don't obsess

"I loosely count calories, not militantly but just enough to keep myself in check," Benjamin says. As for  weighing himself, Benjamin says he gets a better sense of his weight-loss progress by keeping track of the inches he's lost around his waist instead.

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Real Weight-Loss Success Stories
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