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Obstacle: A new relationship

Name: Keely Edwards
Vital stats: 34 / 163cm / Northumberland /Start weight 13st 11lbs / End weight 10st 2lbs

Old habits 

After changing jobs in 2005, Keely spent a lot more time in the office and so had little time for the gym. A new relationship also led to eating more as she went for the same portion sizes as her boyfriend. “I got caught in a loop: lower metabolism, less energy, less motivation, more weight,” she says.

New outlook

Keely now takes the time to  plan ahead. “Breakfast most days for me is a mix of oats, seeds and dried fruit; I make a large batch each week and take little pots into work with me,” she says. And she now eats different meals from her partner: “What works for him doesn’t necessarily work for me.”

Treat yourself

Keely curbs her cravings by always having snacks to hand. “I’ll snack mid morning and mid afternoon: a small handful of Marmite cashews or wasabi almonds, or maybe a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Following this routine, it’s been a long, long time since I had a mid afternoon energy lull.”

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