Our advertising deals range depending on targeting objectives, and we specialise in helping first-time advertisers on the internet. For more information about our audience demographic or advertising opportunities, please contact us.


Our most visible advertising opportunity located in the premium advertising position at the top and Total impressions are currently over 7 million.


The Multiple Purpose Unit appears on every page of and, in the prime top-right position. It allows the client to embed video and sound to create a more enriched, high-impact advertising creative, therefore increasing response.


Specifically featured on our Events channel for, they allow clients to feature above the fold on one of the busiest channels of the site, generating just shy of 2 million page impressions a month. Smaller in size than MPU's but can hold various frames, giving the client the opportunity to promote multiple products or services.

Section Sponsorship

Advertisers can now sponsor specific areas of the site, targeted with creative streamed around the area that ties in closely with their area of interest. Across both and can serve a leaderboard and MPU to a page, with a bespoke skin designed by the client, creating maximum standout and exposure.


We send emails every week to tens of thousands of runners and race organisers, including third party emails (database of over 115,000 members), regular site and event newsletters (database of over 200,000 members) plus more specific mailouts such as Spring Marathon newsletters (database of 47,000 members). Advertising opportunities are available on all mailouts, with the most popular amongst clients being the third party mailouts as they are solus and can be targeted to any user by profile or geography. E-mailouts will be available for once it has built up a solid base.


Although standard display options offer fantastic coverage, sometimes clients require more of a platform to showcase their product/service. Advertorials are a fantastic way of allowing the client to explain what their product/service can offer and how it can improve their running. We can also make it more interactive - including tutorials or videos to create a two-way relationship with the user. Housing an advertorial within our site's framework will create more of a successful campaign.


Competitions are one of the most interactive opportunities on the site, with the brand featuring on most avenues of the site at any one time. It's one of the only opportunities that allows editorial buy-in through our home page to launch the campaign. If the competition runs for longer than two weeks, we also feature it editorially in our fortnightly site newsletters. Even though editorial content is more available through this option we strongly recommend this is backed up with extra ad impressions across the site to give the competition as much coverage as it deserves.