Barefoot running conference

If you’re intrigued, confused or cynical about the barefoot phenomenon in the running world then the Barefoot Connection Conference should be a date for your diary.

It will be held at Denbies Vineyard, set in amongst trails of the Surrey Hills.

The format for the 2 days is:

Saturday 22nd June: Presentation-led lecture style, with afternoon workshops

Sunday 23rd June: Workshops on barefoot running, barefoot conditioning and barefoot parkour, plus an optional 10K Trail Event (a race for those who fancy it, a trot for those who prefer, or a run-walk combo for those who prefer to take in the views, terrains & their textures). 

Sunday 23rd evening will conclude with the official UK Luna Sandal Launch under the light of the full moon.

Included in the line-up is: 

Dr Mark Cucazzella: Founder of the Natural Running Centre, Barefoot runner, blogger & thought leader

Helen Hall: The World's 1st Barefoot Ironwoman, co-creator of Barefoot Audio, barefoot Ultra-athlete & Coach

Stacey Lei Krauss: Creator of WillPower & Grace barefoot training system, Advisor to Vibram USA

Gray Caws: Chi Running Instructor & Minimalist Runner

(Barefoot) Ted McDonald: Barefoot Ultra Athlete, founder of Luna Sandals, star of best selling book Born To Run.

Joe Warne: PhD Researcher, published author & elite 1500m athlete.

Izzy Moore: PhD Researcher, published author.

Matt Wallden: Founder of Primal Lifestyle, CHEK Faculty, Author, Osteopath.

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