Forum v Ballbuster Duathlon: Tough To A Tee

It’s no coincidence that sporting events staged near Box Hill, Surrey, come with intimidating titles (think the Knacker Cracker 10K or the Surrey Legs of Steel Challenge). As one of the best-known summits of the North Downs, it poses a gutsy challenge to all who attempt to conquer its slopes.

Hardly surprising then, that our valiant forum tri team, the Pirate Ship of Fools, should fall prey to its lure, signing up en masse for the aptly-named Ballbuster Duathlon (November 11).

Comprising five eight-mile loops (two on foot, three in the saddle), our skull-and-crossbones-clad team negotiated quad-crunching hills, nail-biting descents and sharp left-hand turns as they tested their stamina, endurance and bike-handling skills to the absolute limit.

Catch a slice of the action for yourself with this video coverage of the event - don’t forget to look out for the signature Dayglo Pirate attire!

The Ballbuster in Pictures