Ironman Switzerland 05 - Linda Robson’s Diary

My Tri Profile
Age.... 30
I have been running for... 3 years
Strengths... My training partner tells me that my key strengths are determination, stamina and cheekiness combined with an enthusiastic swimming style. I also make good cakes
Weaknesses... To contrast my strengths the weaknesses would have to be a tendency to be stubborn, relentless and sneaky with an interesting doggy paddle! I often eat all of the cake :-)
Ironman experience... I've seen a couple on TV - they make it look straight forward enough!
5K - 23:00
10K - 47:07 Half-Marathon - 1:56
Favourite Races... I think the Knacker Cracker has to be my favourite race, don't expect I'll ever be first lady or hold a course record again(lets not mention it was the first time it was run and that very few ladies managed to drag themselves out of bed to attack those hills on New Years Day!)
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About me
I started running on December 2001 wanting to loose a bit of weight. I quickly discovered that as well as loosing the pounds I was gaining friends and really enjoying running and racing so I'm still here.

Wanting to do something a bit different for my 30th birthday I decided to do the Concorde Sprint Triathlon, enjoyed it so much I was back for more and jumping into my first open water swim in the Brighton Marina Triathlon the following month. And so a love developed leading me towards the road to Zurich

Ironman target: To get through the training, get to the start line and enjoy it enough to consider doing it again :-)


Typical training week: No such thing as a typical week but managed to get in the habit of training most days.

This month's training: Roughly 36 hours of training over the month totaling 55 miles running, 10K swimming and 200 miles of cycling.

This month's highlight: Cycling down the deserted country roads on Christmas morning then getting back home to a delicious lunch (thanks Zilla's mum!)

This month's lowlight: Feeling grim at the Grim. Usually I love mud and puddles but that day I just wanted to snuggle under the duvet and go back to sleep. Still managed a few smiles and there were lots of splashing people :-)

What I learnt this month: If your feet are frozen solid for 3 hours out on the bike you will eventually regain feeling, but might not be a good idea to do that on a regular basis!


This month's training: November saw me training in England, Scotland and Ireland enjoying many sunrises and sunsets. Spent a lot of time working out a training plan to take me up to my peak training meek at the end of May and realised that I'm going to have to get used to training in the early mornings despite it being dark and sometimes wet.

This month's highlight: The Ballbuster duathlon was simply fantastic. Beautiful location and I was feeling great which added up to a fun day and a big smile as I crossed the line in just over 4 hours :-)

This month's lowlight: Not managed much cycle training due to working and playing away from home. At least I did get lots of running training in but feeling the cycle and swim are a bit neglected.

What I learnt this month: Not to wear worn out old socks cause they give you blisters!