Ironman Switzerland 05 - Nick Rose’s Diary

My Tri Profile
Age.... 32
I have been running for... 4 years
Strengths... Perseverance, mental strength
Weaknesses... A good looking bike
Ironman experience... The Longest Day (UK) 11hrs 26mins , IM Switzerland 10hrs 46 mins , IM Austria 10hrs 30 mins
Ironman - 10.30.30
Marathon - 3:28
Half-Marathon - 1:28
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About me
Sport Billy - enjoy snowboarding, golf and triathlon. The harder the better, 'you must be mad !' comments make me even more determined.

I started running in 1999 and did my first triathlon in the same year. In 2000 I did the FLM and then the Longest Day iron distance race. I even shocked my then coach who expected me to be at least 2 hours later!

I then snapped my knee ligaments skiing. I recovered after a few months with no surgery needed (I don't have an ACL in my right knee) so started playing a bit more golf and changed to snowboarding, this lasted 2 years. Then in 2003 I started again, completing the IMCH and the Austrian IM in 2004.

Ironman target: To set a PB.