Ironman Switzerland 05 - The Count’s Diary

My Tri Profile
Age.... 32
I have been running for... 3 years
Strengths... Humour, tenacity, good looks
Weaknesses... Being lardy, stupidity, injury prone
Ironman experience... Shirts, trousers etc. Done one whole Sprint Tri.
Marathon - 3:22
keepie-upies 32
Favourite Races... ToughGuy, Edinburgh Marathon, Reading Half, Inuit
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About me
Living in Edinburgh and a recreational runner who likes a challenge. Ideally I'd love to get fit enough to feel like I've completed a race where I thought I'd done as good as I could have. Never managed to follow a training plan of any kind without an injury to make it totally useless in 5 weeks.

Ironman target: Realistically to get around in one piece. I'd like a decent time but as I have no idea what a decent time is I'll take whatever I get as long as it's not a DNF.

My training
With less than a week to go things are getting exciting. Training has been going well, but it seems that regardless of what you think, you can never do enough, nor can you manage the training that you've planned. Despite this, I'm in the best shape of my life, my weight has gone down and my speed has increased. It's been tricky trying to find the time and sometimes the will to go out there and train but there's no bluffing the Ironman distance, so that's what gets you out he door.

I've been training around 14 hours per week, with swimming and biking taking up most of it and running coming in a poor third. Coming from a running background I've been able to increase my running speed whilst getting by on one long run and smaller run per week. Swimming has been the most technical aspect of training, and after stripping everything down I'm now pretty confident in the water and looking for a swim time of around 1:20 on the day. Cycling has been a great experience but if you thought marathon training took time then try fitting in six-hour training rides!

Another positive outcome of entering Ironman Switzerland is that I've joined a club, Edinburgh Triathletes. This has given me some new training partners, especially helpful for the long cycles, and introduced me to Pilates. Pilates has been a great aid to all parts of triathlon and especially to running, I thoroughly recommend it.

One of the many highs of the build-up was a great weekend in Bala, where I surprised myself with a pretty decent time. Breaking 20 hours training in one week was a milestone I wanted to achieve. On the downside managing my relationship and training and falling off my bike at 35 mph+ haven't been so good.

So the big day approaches, there's no way I'd have got here without the support of friends, family and my fellow forumites. I've found a new sport and new friends so regardless of what happens on July 17th it's been a great, if sometimes challenging, experience.