My 2004 London Marathon

Time: 4:01

Best moment: The absolute sea of faces on Tower Bridge despite the pouring rain, and counting down to the start and the realisation that this was IT - the culmination of months of anticipation and preparation. I admit to feeling very emotional!

Worst moment: The crowding around Docklands from mile 16 to mile 20. It was raining hard and there was a burst water main or something at around mile 15 so my feet were wet and squelchy. Legs had started to ache and there was still a long way to go. And my supporters had somehow managed to miss me at every one of the points we'd arranged they'd cheer from.

Biggest surprise: The camaraderie from fellow runners, especially Derek, who I met at about mile 2 and who ran with me for the whole race.

Goal/Finishing Time: Goal was 4:00 or under; actual was 4:01. I was happy with that as I ran well right through and had no problems at all, so I know I have a faster one in there!

What to do differently: Run a little less conservatively in the first half as most of the congestion and time loss occurred in the second half around Docklands. Really go for it in the last 6 - if it doesn't hurt it obviously isn't hard enough!

Key to success: Conservative pacing, and taking on Lucozade Sport every two miles religiously, 2-3 swigs at a time. I'm sure this was why I had loads left in the tank for the last 6 miles.

Celebrating by at last being able to have alcohol again, and having a relaxing weekend this weekend in a spa!

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