My 2004 London Marathon

Time: 4:38

Just getting in touch to say thank you very much for the pacing groups last Sunday. I was a marathon virgin and I used one of your ultimate 4.30 training schedules.

I had a couple of injuries along the way and then suffered viral laryngitis in week 14/15, which lost me 8 days of training at a crucial time.

Nevertheless on Sunday I joined my fellow competitors at the Blue start and met the 10.00 minute pacer, he certainly seemed a really nice guy.

He chatted along the way and made me feel a lot more comfortable, with his help and the training I had gained from your schedule I managed to stay on the pace for 18 miles until I started to feel fatigued and realised that in order to make the finish, I needed to back off the pace slightly.

I let the group go at that stage and slowed down somewhat, but, I still felt quite satisfied when I crossed the line in hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds.

I am going to apply again for next year to see if I can better the time, which I'm sure I will.

I would like to thank whoever sets your schedules and would be grateful if you would pass my thanks on to the pacer ( I don't know his name, I think it was Rob or Andy?). Without both of them I know I wouldn't have made it. I look forward to meeting the man again and using one of your schedules for next time.

Thank you

Peter Doust aka 'The Bald Plodder'

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