My 2004 London Marathon

Time: 4:16

What a brilliant day!

Best moment was seeing familiar faces at mile 18 from the Runners World forum, and hubby Chris too!

Worst time was from about 20-22 when I had to convince myself that I could really do it...took some doing, but I did.

Most memorable moment was running round Cutty Sark and thinking "Wow I am running the London Marathon"....something I first said I would do when I was 15....took a while, I am 34 now.

My goals changed frequently in training but when I got to the start I

decided that all I wanted was to finish it...but enjoy it too. Did 4.16 in the end, a time I am more than happy with for a first marathon.

I dont think I would do anything differently....apart from appreciate more just how many people there are running, I know its silly but I really didnt realise!

Managed half a lager as a celebration soon after but am intending to do much better tomorrow to celebrate with friends that now owe me sponsorship money.

Marshalling and support were brilliant. Thank you all.  

A brilliant day though, made much better by the friendliness of the forums!     

Oh yes, and finished in 4.16. Very happy with that.

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