My 2004 London Marathon

Mile 18 supporter

Yes - that's us! Bloody freezing but a wonderful day. Many thanks to Artgod for sticking with it with his huuuuuge camera.


  • Benz arriving for her gin
  • Monique steaming past en route for 3'04"
  • SusieBee looking fab and getting good for age
  • Snoops and Tiger in red indian costume
  • LynneW storming suppoters
  • Plummie making us hoarse shouting for him
  • V-rap finding it hard to escape all the hugs
  • Seaweed arriving with lifted Waitrose trolley
  • Rabbit arriving in her bunny costume.

Thanks, guys, for being RW-tastic, and please give Artgod a narvik fleece for his birthday.

meerkat xxxx

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