My 2004 London Marathon

Time not given

After spending far too long at the Expo, I rewarded myself with what I normally do after a long time on my feet ... a cold bath - magic!  

Although I will draw a veil over my marathon performance, what was fantastic was to meet so many forumites for the first time.  And what a great crowd of people!   They really made the weekend.  

A special mention has to go to the spectator with a baby - I tripped over a speed bump, twisted my knee and staggered to the side of the road .. suddenly I just burst into tears - my marathon over.  A spectator with small child in tow put a hand on my arm, told me how well I was doing, and after a couple of minutes I got myself under control and hobbled off (marathon not over).   Thank you, lady at mile 15!  

er, bit knackered and realised that I can't think of any snappy quotes.  Have also had a lot of gin.....

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